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  1. How long is the shelf life of the food? I’d like to know before possibly over ordering.

    1. Breeana, Thanks for the inquiry. Until gelled, Super Gold has a huge shelf life. Current batch has an expiration date of 04/2022. Once gelled, it lasts up to two weeks in the fridge, but I recommend that people simply make a batch that lasts about a week, once a week. Let me know if you need anything else, or have any other questions. regards, Ken

  2. Is the process for gelling easy? I’m sure there are instructions and I’m sure it’s not over complicated but I’d like to be sure before buying. Thank you so much for the reply!

    1. Super easy!, and takes just a few minutes. Just get water up to a boil in a measuring cup in the microwave. Then add 1 part powder to 3 parts water. Stir it up, let it cool, then chop into bite size pieces. You then put those in a container in the fridge, and that’s your food for the week. I’ve been meaning to make an instructional video, but haven’t done it yet. You can also call me if you’d like to discuss further. 248 625 5150. I truly believe that Super Gold is the best food for goldfish, and it’s all that I feed here.

      1. Awesome! I’m going to order then because I really do want to give my fish a better life and try to prevent swim bladder. I had one of mine pass recently because I didn’t see the signs soon enough to take appropriate action and my remaining I just don’t want to lose! I have a common goldfish as well (a rescue from a parking lot!) will this be ok for him as well?

        1. Super Gold is great for all goldfish, and also most other omnivores.

      2. My goldfish love it – I have been feeding this gel since Ken first developed & started selling. I make a large batch & put enough in a container for a week & freeze the rest, then get enough out for next week and ready for feeding – any chance of fish auctions again? Take care

        1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. Right now I’m focusing on caring for my elderly parents that recently moved here. I’m trying to keep my father out of nursing care, which I always said I’d never let happen. I do hope to get back to imports and sales soon, but currently the future is still uncertain. I’m thinking it will be spring of 2022 at this point. Best to you and yours, and thanks again. Cheers!

  3. Hi there

    Do you ship to Canada?


    1. Stef, I do not currently ship to Canada,but may be able to later this year. Regards, Ken

  4. Ken , do you have any fish left for sale, I missed your last auction. Loved your fish over the years was a big supporter.

    Al Smith


    1. Al, It’s good to hear from you. I appreciate your support all these years. I do have some fish, but only enough to keep my systems active. I may be back in business in another 6 weeks or so, but still am not sure. Feel free to check back with me in about a month. I’ll know more then. best regards, Ken

  5. Hi Ken, I read nothing but great things about you and your business. I am looking for medigold food to treat an infection 8n my black moor. Do you still carry it or can you tell me where to get it or something comparable.
    Vicki Pearce

    1. Vicki, Thanks for the inquiry. As far as I know the original Medigold is no longer available. I would recommend buying Metronidazole and making your own medicated food, which is fresher and more effective than most premade medicated foods in my opinion. Super Gold is a great food to add most any med to. It can be mixed in right before it gels, or if you are concerned about heat minimizing efficacy of the med, then you can simply dust chopped up pieces. Powders will stick nicely to this moist food, and if you let them simply air dry a bit, you’ll end up with a nice coating that bonds pretty well. Good luck with your fish. best regards, Ken

  6. Do you ship to PO BOX in calexico, California?

    1. Yes. I ship USPS, and can ship to any PO Box in the USA

  7. Hi Ken. My big broadtail Moors and Pandas really like the Repashy. I’ve also made made my own for years with steamed garden veg, egg, dried shrimp and whatnot, but yours is sure EASIER!! Just out of curiosity, what is the gelling agent in Repashy? Agar agar? Whatever it is, it really works!…almost too well…. WOW! Happy travels!

    1. Hi Lalise, Thanks for the inquiry, and for sharing your experiences with gel food. Gelling agents are agar derived from seaweed, and also a small amount of locust bean gum. My research reveals that both of those are ideal for this application. I’ve also found that they are much better than gluten based binders that are used in most wheat based fish foods. While wheat is a cheap ingredient, glutens are known to not be fully digestible, and not desirable for fish feed in my opinion. Thanks again.

      1. Is there tax on the repashly 6oz? I need to know so I can get the correct amount of money on a card. Thank you

        1. Kaitlyn, Thanks for the reply. I messaged you privately, but thought I’d follow up here so that others would know the answer to this question. There is tax charged at 6% on all products if you are located in Michigan. Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything else, or have any questions. Regards, Ken

  8. Hello , Any news about shipping to Canada?

    1. No info currently. I’ve also ceased operations currently due to tariffs on goldfish. I hope to be back once things get back to normal, with shipping options to Canada too.

  9. Greetings! I have a large bag of Repashy Super Gold in my cart ready to purchase. I would like to pay with a credit card, which is stated to be an option. But all I see is either PayPal or PayPal Credit as options. How can I straight up pay with my credit card in order to bypass all things PayPal? Thank you.

    1. Stephanie, Thanks for the inquiry. If you go to checkout via Paypal, there is an option to check out as a guest, and simply provide your credit card as payment. For security purposes, I don’t have another option to take credit cards directly through that site. So, it goes through Paypal portal, but you do not need anything related to Paypal (account, or Paypal credit) to use. If that doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to call me to place the order over the phone. That is the only way I currently take credit cards. I’ve been a merchant for over 20 years, and do not keep card info. Feel free to call 614 214 3367. I can also answer any questions if you’d like. cheers, Ken

      1. Thank you for responding, Ken. You have an excellent reputation with so many goldfish keepers in my goldfish groups on Facebook, which is why I sought you out. I’ll try going through the PayPal portal and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, I’ll call you. Stay safe and healthy in these scary times.

  10. Hello, I purchased your food for my incoming oranda goldfish, because after researching it it truly does seem like the best of the best! Anyways I am wondering how long it would take to get here, incase I need to purchase temporary food if my fish arrive first

    1. Hi Akaila, Thanks for the inquiry. I generally ship orders the same or next day via USPS. Orders then usually take 2-3 days to arrive, but I know that all carriers are getting hammered currently due to the Covid-19 situation, so it could take a little longer right now. Also, I send an email with tracking when the label is created, so you should be able to track your order as soon as it is picked up by the mail. Please let me know if you ever need anything else, or have any questions.

  11. I ordered food for goldfish fry last Friday and it is still not here? Could you please check into this for me? Get back to me soon as you can. Thanks. [REMOVED PI] July 10th 2020

    1. Eula, Thanks for contacting me. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve spent the last 72 hours doing a round trip to Alabama to rescue some koi for an old associate of mine. I see that the food was delivered, and am sorry it took longer than usual. As I mentioned, USPS seems to be taking longer than usual to deliver, which is out of my control. I’m glad you got it though, and please let me know if you ever need anything else, or have any questions. regards, Ken

  12. Do you ship the fish food to Illinois?

    1. Absolutely. I ship all around the USA, via Priority USPS. Orders typically go out the same day they are received, and arrive within a few days.

  13. Hi, What is the expiration date of your current “Sale” Bundle with two 4.4 lb tubs and 1 lb bag of “Super Gold” Repashy Gel Fish Food? Thanks,

    1. Hey Thanks for the question. I replied directly to your email, but wanted to make sure you got this here too. Tubs are 12/26, and Gold 1 lb. bags are 12/24. SUPER GOLD has an excellent shelf-life, UNTIL gelled. I usually just make a batch every week, and simply store the powder in a cabinet for the next batch. Let me know if you need anything else.

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