7-Piece Silicone Goldfish Collection with Stands


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GOLFBALL NOT included…for size reference only.  I picked up some of these while in China a few years ago, but now there are just a few sets left. Each set consists of 7 different fish… Calico Butterfly Telescope, Red/White Butterfly Telescope, Black/White Butterfly Telescope, Tancho Oranda, Red/White Ryukin, Tri-Color Ranchu, and Tri-Color Ryukin. They can be displayed on included stands, or without the stands. As far as I know, I have all the remaining stock of these, and once sold there will be no more available. Please note that like real goldfish, some of these have “balance issues” (holes in bottoms are not quite plumb, and figures lean a little when put on stands) I recommend simply tweaking the mounting hole with an awl or small drill bit so that they are level if displayed on the stands.

These make wonderful gifts for goldfish enthusiasts, and I’ve gifted most of the sets I brought back from China.  Now there is a very LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.  USA orders only.  Shipping is FREE, so included in the purchase price.  (golfball included in pics for size reference, and is not included)