8 Piece Silicone Goldfish Hanging Ornament Set


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I was offered these a couple years ago in China as “keychains”.  At that time, I passed on them because I didn’t think the dorsals would be robust enough to hold up in that application.  While I figured they’d rip out if used regularly, it dawned on me that were perfectly sturdy for various use as ornaments…hanging from a rearview mirror, or especially for Christmas trees.   Being in this business, I always have goldfish on the brain.  Over the years, I’ve had weird dreams about goldfish, including one many times where goldfish are “swimming” through the air.   With these, my dreams are a reality!  These look very cute hanging from a tree, and would make a perfect gift for any goldfish lover.  The holes are tiny, (some need a slight reaming with a needle to open them up better) and the figures could be used without hanging at all, simply placed on a shelf.  I found that monofiliment fishing string works well enough to hang them from, but one could use various ornament hooks, rings, or sewing thread to attach to them.   I bought all the remaining stock, and as far as I know, I am the only one that has these.  There’s a limited quantity left, so don’t wait if you want a set.  USA orders only.   FREE SHIPPING!