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6oz Repashy Dandy Orandas Supergold Fish Food
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6oz Repashy Dandy Orandas Supergold Fish Food

SUPER GOLD is here and is getting great reviews from my customers!   Now with FREE SHIPPING!!!

I’ve been dreaming about this for decades!  After years of research, and months of trials, my new food is finally ready for sale.  Unhappy with most of the “goldfish food” I’ve tried over the years, I knew there had to be a better solution for these fish.  Unfortunately, most products are made of what I call “economy” ingredients.  Some are hard to even define….like “fish meal”.  After much study, I’ve found that fish meal can include left over parts of the fish, including bones, scales and even guts.  I asked several people about this, and no one could tell me exactly what was in it, or even what species of fish (much like “hotdogs”…what the heck is in there???), so I crossed that off my list immediately.  In addition to fish meal, other ingredients are very cheap, and simply not that great in my opinion.   Also, most foods are totally dry, and not ideal for digestion in Goldfish, causing potential problems with balance/buoyancy after eating and even constipation.  I’ve experimented with many homemade formulas, with emphasis on gel foods for excellent digestion and assimilation.   I wanted my food to include the highest quality ingredients, and a wide-spectrum of them, to provide a complete nutrition.  As you know, I’ve been advocating Soilent Green for my fish, as that’s the best thing I’ve used in my nearly 50 years in the hobby.  Still, I kept experimenting with additional ingredients, always looking to make the food even better.  I’ve also consulted with many people in the hobby, including top Goldfish experts in China, to get their thoughts on target nutritional specs, and recommended ingredients.  I finally approached Allen Repashy about this idea over two years ago, and then met with him to work out the final formula last winter.  Repashy has 40 different and unique formulas for all kinds of animals, and Allen was able to offer lots of additional expert advice regarding the advantages of various ingredients.  It would have been easy to make this just another “economy” food, but I told him I was more interested in making it the Best Food.  Building the formula, it became obvious that the high levels of Quality Ingredients, including Krill, Black Soldier Fly, Squid, Chlorella, Spirulina, and many others were going to make this more expensive to produce than Soilent Green, but again I was more interested in the quality of the food than the cost.  Since most of these Goldfish are expensive to begin with, I think it makes no sense to cut costs by giving them a poor diet.  Given their mutations, Goldfish are inherently weak animals, and have problems just digesting food, so they need all the help they can get!  So, with the cost of the ingredients, SUPER GOLD will retail at the higher pricing tier for Repashy products than SOILENT GREEN, but I feel that it will be well worth it.

1 lb. (16 oz) BAG (this is an Exclusive size and package only available through Dandy Orandas.  The bag easily fits into my fish boxes, so can be added to any fish order. 

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

5 reviews for SUPER GOLD Gel Food 6 oz. SUPER GOLD

  1. Gabbie

    I breed Orandas and I am amazed with the results that this product has given me. My adults give me more spawns without effecting my cull percentage. The colors of my adults also pop more than before. I love this product. I can even feed just the powder to my fry. It took me a while to find my way to this site but i will forever be buying it from here. DandyOrandas has he best pricing and shipping is free. I highly recommend giving this food a try if you haven’t already.

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! This gel food is simple to prepare, highly nutritious, and great for the digestive system of fancies. My fish go crazy for it and feeding time is always a blast!

  3. Brendan (verified owner)

    My fish LOVE it! Just ordered my second batch, no more “filler” food for my fishies!

  4. Lynda (verified owner)

    The answer to my prayers!!! I am new to the hobby (February 2021) and have a container pond with Koi, feeder Goldfish, Rosie Minnows and Mosquito Fish. I have been very frustrated and concerned with finding food my fish will eat. I’ve tried floating, sinking, flakes, pellets and blocks. They ate to survive and I always had to clean out leftovers. Then I discovered Super Gold!!! Now ALL my fish eat to THRIVE – no more leftovers to clean out because there’s nothing left. My pond is cleaner and healthier. I am saving money rather than literally throwing it out like before. Super Gold is super easy and fun to make. All my fish absolutely LOVE Super Gold and so do I💖Thank you Ken for creating THE BEST Goldfish & Koi food EVER!!!

  5. Louis (verified owner)

    Best goldfish food I have ever used. I have fantails that have had trouble in the past with flakes and pellets upsetting their digestive system. Super Gold Gel Food helped them with their swim bladder problems. For my three goldfish, the gel food goes a long way , it’s a very good price and it’s definitely worth it.

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